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Joe Davis (ARSM) is a 20-year-old

Jamaican/British musical virtuoso, renowned

for his exceptional talent across various

instruments and genres. His journey in music

commenced at the age of 5 in England, where

he began his classical piano training. Upon

migrating to Jamaica at 10, Joe continued to

nurture his musical prowess, culminating in a

historic achievement at 15 as the first

Jamaican to attain a distinction in the ARSM

classical piano diploma exam, showcasing his

dedication and skill.

At the prestigious Idyllwild Arts Academy in

California, Joe majored in Jazz Piano and

minored in Songwriting, earning recognition

as the "Most Outstanding Artist" upon

graduation. His repertoire spans over 12

instruments, including piano, bass, drums, vocals, and guitar, displaying his versatility and mastery in the world of music.

Currently pursuing a degree at Berklee College of Music, Joe stands as a beacon of musical innovation and excellence. He has headlined notable venues such as the Berklee Performance Center and has graced internationally renowned stages, from South by Southwest (SXSW) to The MGM Music Hall at Fenway.

Coupled with these accolades, Joe is also an accomplished artist in his own right. He boasts numerous credits on released songs on digital streaming platforms and has independently released a full-length holiday album, an EP, and several singles. Joe not only produces all the songs he creates but also designs all the accompanying artwork, showcasing his multifaceted talents and creative vision.

Beyond his musical achievements, Joe has also established a significant presence in the digital realm, with over 1 million views and nearly 20 thousand followers across various social media platforms. His impact is acknowledged by industry figures like Jacob Collier, Tori Kelly, and Questlove, among others.

Alongside social media, Joe is also an experienced professional photographer and video editor. His keen eye for visual storytelling complements his musical talents, allowing him to create captivating content that resonates with audiences across various mediums. See more about Joe's talents in photography and video editing.


Additionally, Joe is also a visionary entrepreneur. He co-founded "The Garden JA," a platform dedicated to nurturing young talent and showcasing Jamaica's finest young musicians. Together with his best friend, musician, and artist Christian "Jair" Roberts, they established the company with the mission to give back to the community what they wish they had, emerging in the music industry. The company has already hosted several live performances and aims to expand its reach further.

Inspired by the challenges faced by fellow musicians in navigating the digital landscape, Joe is pioneering "The Musician's Digital Encore," a course aimed at bridging the gap in the online world of music. With his talent, passion, and drive, Joe continues to ascend to new heights in his musical journey, earning widespread acclaim and admiration from peers and fans alike.

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Jacob Collier

6x GRAMMY winner

Musical Artiste

Joe!! This is Insane!!"

DJ Jazzy Jeff

3x GRAMMY winner

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

"Joe Davis.. That's an incredible brotha right there!"

Quest Love

6x GRAMMY winner

The Roots


The Gleaner

Jamaican Newspaper

"The youngster served warning that he is one to watch for the future.."
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