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Photography: Joe Davis 2022


Born in England, and infused with the vibrant spirit of Jamaica, Joe Davis is a 20-year-old photographer who has made waves in the international scene. Specializing in capturing the essence of artists, Joe Davis has worked with renowned talents such as Koffee, Sevana, and Protojé.

Over the past four years, Joe Davis has amassed over 1 million views across three major social media platforms for his visually stunning cinematic videos. Each frame tells a story, drawing viewers into a world where music and visuals collide in a symphony of creativity. Joe Davis doesn't just capture moments, he creates experiences. Whether photographing intimate weddings, documenting the energy of live performances, or capturing the essence of a person in a personal shoot, Joe Davis brings authenticity to his work that resonates with audiences worldwide.


- Wedding Photography

- Event Photography

- Concert Photography

- Engagement Photoshoots

- Personal Photoshoots

- School Photoshoots

- Business Portraits


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